Mr. Sam Choi

Sam Choi



Korean born, internationally raised, I am an educator who has fallen in love with coffee and the coffee industry. My passion for the coffee industry started while working with farmers in Northern Thailand. My curiosity and zeal lead me down the whole coffee chain allowing me the opportunity to work in every area of the coffee industry from post-harvest management to cafe barista/manager. I also work in the green coffee trading business and regularly visit coffee origins in different parts of the world. But most importantly, I have combined my two passions of education and coffee and enjoy being an instructor. I hope to see education change and develop the coffee industry from seed to cup.

Employment history

  • Educator (2006 – 2012)
    • Teacher, Principal, Administrator, Educational Consultant
  • Coffee Professional (2010 – Present)
    • Green Coffee Trader, Barista, Cafe Manager, Roastmaster, Cafe & Roastery Owner
  • Coffee Trainer & Consultant (2015 – Present)


  • Bachelors Computer Science, Taylor University, USA
  • Masters of Education, Liberty University, USA
  • Mandarin Language, Yunnan Univeristy, China


  • Green Coffee Professional, Specialty Coffee Association
  • Sensory Professional, Specialty Coffee Association
  • Roasting Professional, Specialty Coffee Association
  • Brewing Professional, Specialty Coffee Association
  • Barista Skills Professional, Specialty Coffee Association
  • Q Arabica Grader, Coffee Quality Institute
  • Q Robusta Grader, Coffee Quality Institute
  • Advanced Arabica Post-Harvest Management, O.N.A.
  • Advanced Robusta Post-Harvest Management, O.N.A.


  • SCA Intro to Coffee AST
  • SCA Green Coffee AST
  • SCA Sensory AST
  • SCA Roasting ASTSCA Brewing AST
  • SCA Barista Skills AST
  • UCEI Instructor


  • WCE Barista Judge
  • WCE Latte Art Judge
  • Super Barista Championship Judge
  • Barista Competition Coach
  • Roasting Competition Coach
  • Latte Art Competition Coach


  • Post-Harvest Management
  • Green Coffee Sourcing & Origin Visits
  • Roastery Setup & Roast Profile Development
  • Cafe Setup & Operations


  • South Korean

Social Profiles


  • Post-Harvest
  • Management
  • Roasting Sensory & Cup Tasting
  • Barista Skills
  • Brewing & Extraction


  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Phone number:
    • (TH) +66 930389695
    • (VN) +84 1222771811
  • Email:


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Like Page - Cà phê Specialty để cập nhật thường xuyên những ưu đãi siêu hời, cà phê specialty đầy hương vị và đồ chơi pha chế siêu hay nha!

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